Moor laser speckle contrast imager

The moorFLPI-2 blood flow imager uses the laser speckle contrast technique to deliver real-time, high-resolution blood flow images, providing outstanding performance in a wide range of pre-clinical and clinical research applications.

Laser speckle contrast imager

About the blood flow imager

The imager's features include:

  • Optical zoom, which means you can assess small areas right up to a full-size adult hand with a single imager.
  • Ability to image any exposed tissue (skin or surgically exposed tissues) and species.
  • Easy-to-use, single USB connection with flexible and simple setup helps get you up and running quickly.
  • Three measurement modes with flexible sampling rates (spatial, temporal, and sliding window algorithms) to optimize your data for frame rate, spatial resolution, and file size.
  • The best spatial resolution of 3.9 microns per pixel (6.6Mpixels/cm2).
  • Real-time video frames rates – up to 100 frames per second at the full field (no windowing).
  • Image areas range from 6mm x 8mm to 225mm x 300mm with a unique, motorized 10x optical zoom and autofocus.
  • Color photo and blood flow images are provided by a unique single USB3 camera, RGB illumination system. Blood flow and photo images precisely matched.
  • Compact design with flexible stand options for laboratory or clinical use.
  • Unique protocol control – automation of pressure cuff, tissue heating, and iontophoresis protocols with automated reporting, eases workflow, and improves accuracy.
  • CE marking that's well-established in the clinical and research communities for best performance and quality. Laser stability hardware for the ultimate in reliable and consistent measurement over minutes, hours, and days.

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Iwona Dobrucka, Ph.D.

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