LabLogic Scan-RAM TLC plate reader

This innovative PET and SPECT radio TLC scanner can be used as a dual system to address radio TLC and/or Radio HPLC requirements.

plate reader

About the plate scanner

  • GLP/GMP compliance as standard
  • A wide range of detectors for all nuclear medicine and PET radionuclides
  • An easily adjustable lead collimator that enables optimization of sensitivity and resolution
  • A range of easy-to-clean removable TLC support beds
  • Intelligent and informative front-end display
  • Flexibility; two detectors can be connected to the same instrument simultaneously and independently of one another to provide a Radio TLC scanner and a Radio HPLC detector
  • USB connection for power supply, instrument control, and data collection, rather than the now outdated and slow serial output of older systems
  • Scan-RAM is the first instrument of its type to offer stand alone control of data collection through a pocket digital assistant via a Bluetooth wireless link

Molecular Imaging Lab contact

Iwona Dobrucka, Ph.D.

Iwona Dobrucka, Ph.D.

Job title Senior Research Scientist (Molecular Imaging Laboratory)

Phone 217-333-4231

4057 Beckman Institute