Initial training for MIL research

To be able to work or participate in studies performed in the Molecular Imaging Laboratory, researchers must take radiation, biosafety, and animal handling training followed by an on-site orientation. You should take the following training on the Divison of Research Safety website:

  1. Understanding biosafety
  2. Safe handling of human cell lines and materials in a research laboratory (after these two trainings, you'll need to sign up for a one-hour live training. Sign up on the same website where you take the safe handling training)
  3.  Laboratory safety training
  4. Chemical safety: An introduction
  5. Radioactive materials safety training
  6. X-ray safety

Researchers planning to work with live animals must complete:

  1. Basic training program for animal users
  2. Occupational health and safety training
  3. Using hazardous chemicals in an animal care facility
  4. Animal care and use risk assessment form
  5. Confidential health screening questionnaire


When you complete all required training sessions, email the PDF certificates of completion to:

Iwona Dobrucka, Ph.D.

Iwona Dobrucka, Ph.D.

Job title Senior Research Scientist (Molecular Imaging Laboratory)

Phone 217-333-4231

4057 Beckman Institute