3 Tesla Siemens MAGNETOM Prisma-Fit human MRI Scanner

Harness the power of MRI for research

Two Siemens 3 Tesla MAGNETOM Prisma-Fit human MR imager/spectrometers are at the heart of the BIC MRI facilities. The center offers not only the scanners and hardware to conduct your research, but also access to experts who can make sure you're making the most of the imaging technology.

Researcher in control room

Using the 3 Tesla scanners

Beckman's 3 Tesla magnets allow for high signal-to-noise and high spatial resolution imaging through high-performance gradient sets and 64-channel receiver systems. They have a full complement of coils for whole-body imaging, including spine matrix array, transmit/receive knee and wrist coils, and flexible matrix arrays of varying sizes that allow for MRI examinations of any body part.

BIC has full-time research staff members dedicated to the human MRI scanners who work with investigators to help design and implement their imaging studies, and can program custom pulse sequences to meet specific needs.

Additional MRI access is available through the Carle Clinical Research Imaging Program at Carle Health, enabling translational imaging research.

About the scanners

The two 3 Tesla MAGNETOM Prisma-Fit Human MR imager/spectrometers 60 cm bore systems occupy neighboring suites and provide gradient strengths of up to 80 mT/m on all axes, a slew rate of 200 T/m/s, force balanced gradients, dual channel transmit.

Available coils include a 1-channel Tx/20-channel Rx head coil, 64-channel Rx head/neck coil, 32-channel Rx spine coil, 18-channel Rx body coil, 16-channel Rx hand/wrist coil, 16-channel Rx shoulder coil, 1-channel Tx/15-channel Rx Knee coil, and 4-channel large and small flex coils. Additional coils include a 1Tx/ 8Rx head coil, 24- and 26-cm inner diameter 8-channel Rx-only coils, and a small rat coil for small phantoms. One of the two systems is multinuclear, with 7, 13C, 23Na, and 31P coils available.

A research agreement with Siemens provides pulse sequence programming access for both human MRI magnets. The proposal includes funds to purchase a shoulder coil for use on this system.

3 Tesla MRI scanner contact

Kwan-Jin Jung, Ph.D.

Kwan-Jin Jung, Ph.D.

Job title Senior Research Scientist (3 Tesla MRI)

4011 Beckman Institute
Holly Keleher, R.T. (R., M.R.)

Holly Keleher, R.T. (R., M.R.)

Job title 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist

Phone 217-244-0294

1215C Beckman Institute