New or returning investigators

All new and returning investigators who would like to run a project on ANY of the machines and equipment at BIC or on the accessible Carle Clinic machines should first contact Tracey Wszalek, Ph.D. (Associate Director) at (217-333-3149) or send email to .

Users of the Biomedical Imaging Center are requested to add the following statement to the acknowledgements section of their papers to enable us to track facilities usage and impact:

“This work was conducted in part at the Biomedical Imaging Center of the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC-BI-BIC).”

Forms for IRB Applications:

MRI System Equipment

Requesting feasibility, development, and/or pilot time

Please contact Shelly Yambert (Program Coordinator) at or (217) 244-0446 with questions about engaging in feasibility, development, and/or pilot time hours on any of the BIC imaging systems.

BIC Facility User Registration

After your project has been discussed with a BIC Research Scientist but before feasibility, development, and/or pilot work begins, all new users (i.e., anyone who will be involved in the aspects of the project at BIC) must first complete the BIC’s registration requirements. The BIC User Registration procedure includes:

Please contact Shelly Yambert at or (217) 244-0446 to begin this process. Note that all non faculty users must provide the name of the responsible faculty PI associated with the project.

Access to Equipment

Access to 3T Siemens MRI

New users of the 3T Siemens full-body scanner must attend an orientation and training session with the 3T technologists before any subject running begins. The session will cover the following:

  1. General safety issues in the control room
  2. Set up and shut down of stimulus presentation equipment
  3. Checking subject's visual acuity
  4. "De-magnetizing" procedures
  5. Assisting the MRI technologist

To schedule the orientation and training session on the 3T, please send an email to .

Users should read the 3T Running Rules for information on consent forms, magnet schedules, run times, and other user requirements. Below are the forms you will need when you start running.

Access to 14.1T Varian 600 MHz

New users must complete the BIC Facility User Registration before any project on the Varian 600 can begin. Please see the BIC Facility User Registration section above.

All users working with animals should have a currently approved IACUC protocol. If you are using vertebrate animals and your name is not listed in the IACUC animal project protocol, we are required to call IACUC and/or your PI to confirm that you have completed the IACUC Animal Care and Use training.

Users can schedule time to use the Varian 600, usually not more than two weeks in advance. Registered users can schedule their time on-line by visiting our EMS calendar. In case of a scheduling conflict, preference will be given to the user working with animals. Please be aware that reserved time may be canceled if the user is 30 or more minutes late for their session.

In some cases, advanced users who have demonstrated the ability to work safely and independently, may arrange to have after-hours access to BIC to run their studies. For more information, send email to . If you have any questions about the Varian 600 machine, please contact Boris Odintsov, Ph.D. at (217-244-8454).

Access to 3T mock magnet

The mock magnet is used to screen subjects for claustrophobia and fit in the 3T Siemens MRI. It can also be used for longitudinal and training studies. All new mock magnet users must attend a short user training session with one of the 3T technologists. The mock magnet user guidelines will also be discussed during the training session. To schedule your training appointment, please send an email to .

Note: Use of the mock magnet is free at this time. BIC reserves the right to bill users for halted 3T runs that are due to failure to screen subjects in the mock magnet.

Access to 1.5T full-body GE & 3T full-body Siemens Trio (at Carle Clinic)

All access to the scanners at Carle Clinic is controlled through BIC. Please contact Tracey Wszalek, Ph.D. (Associate Director) at (217-333-3149) for more information.

Billing and UIUC user fees

Billable Account Number

BIC requires an account number to which billable hours will be charged. Kindly provide this account number to Tracey Wszalek, Ph.D. (Associate Director) at (217-333-3149) and Shelly Yambert (Program Coordinator) at or (217) 244-0446 before data collection begins.

User Fees are in the process of being updated.